Trolleybuses and trams

Trams and trolleybuses in the public transport network

Urban public transport in Belarus comprises buses, trolleybuses, trams, subways and taxis. Trolleybus lines operate in seven cities: Babruisk, Brest, Homiel, Hrodna, Mahiliou, Minsk and Vitebsk. Tramlines run in four cities: Mazyr, Minsk, Novapolatsk and Vitebsk.

Both modes are designed to transport passengers along specified routes using electric drive systems. Trolleybuses can run on normal roads and can thus be introduced to a city’s existing road network with little or no conversion. Trams, on the other hand, require special tracks, which means a large initial investment for construction. Once built, however, tramlines have several advantages. Trams have a high carrying capacity, low running costs, a long service life, and a great passenger safety record.

Trams and trolleybuses do not pollute the environment directly. This makes them, together with the metro, indispensable components of the urban public transport network.