The metro

The metro has several advantages

The metro, or subway, is a public transport service that is wholly or partly underground and capable of transporting large numbers of passengers quickly between urban destinations. The metro has several advantages:

  • Trains travel at high speeds that can reach up to 80 kilometres per hour.
  • The metro can carry up to 60,000 passengers per hour in each direction.
  • It is a space-saving solution in urban areas.
  • The system runs on electricity and therefore does not contribute to air pollution.
  • The tracks are completely separate from other vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Trains run regularly, with a minimum daytime frequency of 30 minutes.

The Minsk Metro, the only subway system in Belarus, transports over 900,000 people a day on average.

Minsk residents and visitors are advised to take full advantage of the high-quality metro service.