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Birds need protection

Pigeons, sparrows and mallard ducks may be common sights, but few people know the following facts:

  • Pigeons and sparrows followed early human beings northwards, and while these birds are able to find enough food for themselves during the summer, they are completely dependent on us during winter.
  • The same is true for some duck species that have become sedentary after once being adventurous migrators.

Small garden birds such as tits, nuthatches, woodpeckers, greenfinches and jays usually winter in our climate. They can survive the winter months without our assistance.

Read the factsheet to find out how to make a bird feeder.

Other tips:

  • Use binoculars or field glasses to watch birds, but don’t approach them or they will fly away.
  • As an alternative to the excitement of hunting, try taking good photographs of wild birds.