Trees and flowers

Time spent in nature improves overall health

Trees provide a great many benefits to the human mind and body, as well as to the environment. Trees provide us with shade on hot summer days and delight the eye with fresh green shoots in spring and richly coloured leaves in autumn. Walking in the park after a light rain relieves nervous tension and helps us get a good night’s sleep.

  • The scent of pine trees can help to decrease anxiety, relieve stress, lower depression and calm nervous disorders.
  • Larch flowers are said to help cure melancholy and depression, counteract negative beliefs and reveal the best things in life.
  • The smell of spruce, especially in winter, helps to improve feelings of well-being among those who are depressed and lacking in energy.
  • Linden blossoms have an appealing, sweet fragrance.

Trees help us, but they also need our help.