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Talpa europaea

The head and body of the mole measure 14 centimetres, and the tail 3 centimetres. It weighs 60 to 125 grams and has a life expectancy of three to four years. It has a cylindrical body with very short legs and strong forelegs, and a long muzzle. It has small eyes (about 1 millimetre in diameter) but, contrary to popular belief, is not blind, and its ears are concealed. It has thick, dark grey fur.

The mole lives underground in grasslands, parks, gardens, and deciduous and mixed forests. It can be found throughout Europe and partly in Asia.

The mole eats earthworms, insect larvae, molluscs and centipedes. It digs underground galleries and tunnels with its forelegs, throwing out the soil onto the surface in the form of small molehills. It makes nests of dry leaves, moss and roots under a big molehill. It is active the entire year. During the winter it stores earthworms in a special “room”.

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