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730 illustration

Yellow-winged darter

Sympetrum flaveolum

The yellow-winged darter is a medium-sized dragonfly with a body length of up to 35 millimetres and a wingspan of up to 60 millimetres. A distinctive feature is the large amount of saffron-yellow colouration at the basal area of each wing, which is particularly noticeable on the hind wings.

Yellow-winged darters can be found in Europe and China. They breed near stagnant pools but can live far from water. They fly from mid-summer to autumn. Females deposit eggs on stems just below the water line.

It takes one year for the yellow-winged darter to develop into a mature adult. It feeds on small crustaceans, insects and leeches, as well as on larger prey such as tadpoles or young fish.

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