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Wild boar

Sus scrofa

The wild boar or wild pig has a compact body and a black snout. It can measure from 90 to 200 centimetres and has a shoulder height of 55 to 110 centimetres. Its fur is brown and consists of stiff bristles that are crested in the middle. Males develop long tusks. The young have lengthwise stripes over their bodies until three months of age.

The wild boar is common in Belarus and throughout Europe, inhabiting mixed and deciduous forests.

Wild boar live in large groups, although older males are usually solitary and females and their young form separate groups called sounders. Wild boar spend the day resting in remote parts of the forest. In winter, the males prepare a resting place by digging up the snow and lining the bottom of the hole with twigs, moss and dry grass. Before giving birth, the female constructs a comfortable nest out of twigs or reeds. Foraging boar leave piles of dug soil that indicate their presence. They are omnivorous scavengers, eating almost anything they come across, including grass, nuts, berries, carrion, the nests of ground-nesting birds, roots, tubers, refuse, insects and small reptiles. The breeding season is in January, when rival males fight for supremacy. Pregnancy lasts for four months and the typical litter size is four to six piglets. The piglets stay in the nest for the first seven days, then begin to venture out with their mother. The young are weaned in the autumn.

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