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Fungi And Lichen

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Parasol mushroom

Macrolepiota procera

The cap of the parasol mushroom is 7 to 25 centimetres in diameter. When young, the cap is closed and compact, like the end of a drumstick, and the edge is sealed around the stalk. As it matures, the seal breaks leaving a fleshy ring around the stalk. When fully mature the cap is almost flat and covered in dark, flaky scales. The gills are free from the stalk, white when young and sometimes discolouring to pinkish or tan in maturity. The stalk (stipe) is thin and between 10 and 25 centimetres long. The mushroom is edible and is popular in the cuisine of Central and Eastern Europe.

The parasol mushroom is a fairly common species, growing in temperate regions on well-drained soils in pastures and woodland. It grows in small groups or fairy rings.

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