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Wood mouse

Apodemus sylvaticus

The wood mouse measures between 7.5 and 11 centimetres and has yellowish-brown fur on top and a pale grey belly. Its eyes and ears are very large. Its tail, which is roughly the same length as its body, has a whitish underside and is covered lightly with hair.

The wood mouse lives in fields, on the edges of forests, in hedgerows and in a wide range of other environments up to an altitude of 1,000 metres, providing conditions are not too wet. It sometimes takes shelter in buildings, especially during the winter. It can be found in Europe, northwest Africa and southwest Asia.

The wood mouse is active in the evening and at night. It digs burrows, where it lives beneath the ground. The burrows comprise long tunnels with separate nesting and feeding chambers. The wood mouse runs fast and climbs and jumps well. It feeds on berries, seeds, buds, shoots, fungi and invertebrates.

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